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Fees and Important Dates

Required Fees

$10 for each registration. Each registration is for a single beneficiary.

Registrants or their representative are required to pay the $10 non-refundable H-1B registration fee for each beneficiary before being eligible to submit a registration for that beneficiary for the H-1B cap.

Important Dates For FY 2025

H-1B Registration Process Timeline

March 6: H-1B registration period opens at noon Eastern.

March 18: H-1B registration period closes at noon Eastern.

N/A: Date by which USCIS intends to notify selected registrants.

N/A: The earliest date that FY 2023 H-1B cap-subject petitions may be filed.

Eligibility Criteria

Step-by-Instructions (Video)

Step-by-Step Instructions (pdf)

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